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The Windsor and Eton Express has been published weekly in Windsor for more than 200 years. Matching the dates week by week,  we will bring you the news of the day from around the UK and the World as well as locally, as deemed relevant and worth bringing to the attention of the paper's readers in 1818.

You may find family names and businesses, interesting facts, horrible crimes, hilarious events, and all manner of quackery.




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January 25th - February 1st 1818

Posted on 2nd February, 2018

Very little  Windsor news.



Mrs Sarah Mason

The Last Will and Testament of Mrs Sarah Mason of Bray was under dispute in the Prerogative Court, she having spoken about a new will which was never prepared or signed. 




Windsor Ball

On a cheerier note, notice was given of a Ball in Windsor's Town Hall, with the officers of the Royal Footguards.



Duke of Cambridge

From Hanover, news arrived that the Duke of Cambridge was to be married at Cassel in March, then come to England until the autumn.



Spanish Slave Trade

The conclusion of a treay with Spain was reported, whereby Spain, on the receipt of a sum of money from Britain, would abolish the slave trade.




Amelia Island

The island was surrendered by Spain to the United States of America. The island is in modern day Florida.





January 18th - 25th 1818

Posted on 20th January, 2018

Resurrection Men

Grave robbing was a fairly lucrative business, and one that some members of medical profession illicitly made use of in trying to understand the workings of the human body.



Duke of Wellington

The Duke of Wellington visited Eton College to see his two sons who were scholars there. He was received with the most enthusiastic plaudits by the young gentlemen and by all those whose recognised his Grace’s person.


Ladies School, High Street, Windsor

Miss Sharman respectfully announced that the duties of her School would be resumed on

Tuesday January 27th.


Grain Prices

Bread being a staple of the British diet, the price of grain was important, and the local variations in prices were published regularly.



Band for Hire

Kates and Son, Musicians, Park Street, Windsor, were able to furnish a Quadrille, Waltz, or Country Dance Band at the shortest notice.

January 11th - 18th 1818

Posted on 20th January, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Just as we find today, 200 years ago people were just as pedantic and just as quick to point out percieved errors, as the letter below demonstrates.




The death was announced of the Right Honourable Lord Walsingham, at his seat in Old Windsor. Thomas de Grey was born on July 14th 1748, and succeeded to the title on May 9th 1801. His father, William de Grey, was a lawyer of great eminence and descended from a family of high antiquity, who was created Baron Walsingham, of Walsingham Norfolk, on September 29th 1780.   The late lord held several important offices of State, in particular Chairman of the Committees in the House of Lords. He is succeeded by his eldest son George, Lieutenant Colonel of the 1st Regiment of Dragoons.


On Friday last, Cordell Powell Esq of Windsor Castle.



At Calcutta on June 10th 1817 the marriage of Alexander McMahon Esq on the Staff of the Bengal Establishment and the 24th Regiment of Native Infantry, to Ann, the third daughter of William Mansell Esq of Windsor Castle



On a happier note, the Nobility and Gentry were respectfully informed that on Monday January 19th a ball would be held at the Town Hall in Windsor in honour of Her Majesty’s birthday.



At the Berkshire Quarter Sessions, one William Stockbridge was charged with stealing one bushel of wheat, the property of Mr Cantrell, at Old Windsor. Stockbridge was discharged upon his own recognisance, to appear at the next Quarter Sessions.


Parish Removal Dispute

January 4th - 11th 1818

Posted on 5th June, 2016

The year 1818 was ushered in under the order of general mourning for Princess Charlotte, wife of Prince Cobourg, who had died in early December soon after giving birth to a still-born son. Her remains were deposited in the Royal Vault in St George’s Chapel. The shadow of ‘revolution’ also hung over the new year after the executions of Jeremiah Brandreth, Isaac Ludlam, and William Turner for high treason, for their parts in the Pentrich Rising.   


Windsor Castle 

His Majesty has passed the last month in a very tranquil manner and in a good state of bodily health, but His Majesty’s disorder remains unchanged.



We rejoice to see that a public meeting is appointed for the establishment of a Dispensary in Windsor. We doubt not that every benevolent person will be anxious to support this truly charitable institution.



Windsor Theatre

Mr Kean appeared at the Windsor Theatre in the character of ‘Othello’. This is indeed a noble, though not perfect performance. In the first two acts there are few opportunities for the display of that original genius, that profound development of conflicting passions, with which Mr Kean illumines the less obvious beauties of our immortal bard.

Mr Kean was announced to perform ‘Hamlet’, and on the evening a large audience waited the start of the play. After some time it was announced that Mr Kean had not yet arrived and asked the audience to be patient. Kean failed to arrive and the audience were offered a refund for those who wishes to leave. The comedy ‘Beaux Stratagem’ replaced ‘Hamlet’.



Public monument to the memory of Her Royal Highness the late

Princess Charlotte of Wales