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WLHG was founded in 1976 as Windsor Local History Publications Group. It was started by a small group of WEA students and tutors with the aim of fostering research in the field of local history and publishing the results. The name was changed in 2004, but the publishing of members research continues. 




Windlesora 33


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Windsor 1818 is our new blog covering events, week by week, as reported in the Windsor and Eton Express 200 years ago. The paper covered national and international news as well as giving local coverage they thought relevant to their readers. It provides a very interesting mix, and perhaps not the events one would think should be reported. Bookmark it and keep up to date with Windsor 1818.


Windlesora is our annual journal, where members interests and research are covered in a variety of articles. Over 30 years worth writing on Windsor is held within its pages, from events great and small, to people of all walks of life, and businesses of every kind. We are working on a searchable database of the entire catalogue of Windlesoras, but in the meantime have a look at the Journal page.


Speakers are available on a wide range of topics on Windsor, from streets to 'vanished' places, the Ragged School to hospitals, pubs to St George's Chapel. Some have talks and presentations on other subjects such as medieval cathedrals, Ward Beadles, Taplow Court, and army wives.


The WLHG has a wealth of knowledge and information resources available to the local and family historian.  We have access to a comprehensive local history library, a local maps collection, books published by our own Members, and a number of us regularly subscribe to The Royal Windsor Website, where you will also find an incredible array of facts, images and personal information not available anywhere else.


So, if you're researching your family's Windsor connections, the town, or maybe the wider locality, but you're enquiries have come up against that frustrating 'brick wall', then an email to us may possibly get you on your way once again. We shall certainly do our best to help.